The Bristol Pole Championships 2017

    People often ask me what I do when I'm not shooting weddings, and I usually reply with 'other events' to sum up the variety of photography and film work I do. Although I predominantly shoot weddings, I do film an interesting collection of events including school plays, fitness model competitions, and in this case The Bristol Pole Championships! The BPC is the biggest annual pole dance competition in the South West showcasing the most talented performers from across the UK.

    Pole dancing has developed from one form of entertainment to another and is now a prevalent form of fitness. I'm in awe at the skills possessed by both the men and women in this sport, some of the performers spend years practising and conditioning their bodies to this level of finesse.

    The Bristol Pole Championships was on Saturday 27th May 2017 and was held at the Redgrave Theatre in Bristol. The competition was re-launched in 2016 by Kassia Portas and Laura Cocksedge of Spin City, a popular pole dance studio in the heart of Bristol. The competition consists of four categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional. An initial video entry is required to decide who gets awarded a space in the grand final. Trophies are also awards to the sexiest performer, the most entertaining performer and the performer with the best outfit.

    I adore filming this event, every year I'm wowed by the costumes, routines and creativity of the performers. Some of the costumes included in this year's event included Ghostbusters, Harley Quinn, Mary Poppins, Burlesque, Pinup and more! In addition to the competitors, there were professional guest performances, including a magician! I've added some images and video links at the bottom of this blog post.

    Spin City and The Bristol Pole Championships in the 2017 Polexellence Awards.I just want to give a shout-out, and a huge thank you to Kassia for putting on such a fantastic event, and for hiring me to capture it all! With all the work involved, I give props to Kassia for making this possible every year. For this reason, I urge everyone to vote for Kassia,

    The Bristol Pole Championships 2017 - Beginner Category Winner - Patricia

    The Bristol Pole Championships 2017 - Intermediate Category Winner 2017 - Tink

    The Bristol Pole Championships 2017 - Advanced Category Winner 2017 - Megan

    The Bristol Pole Championships 2017 - Professional Category Winner 2017 - Becky

    If you would like to download all of the still images I took at the event, please use this DROPBOX LINK - all I ask is that you credit me (Heather Bailey) with a tag to my Facebook page

    If you would like to view all the 2017 performance videos, please click here YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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