In light of the current situation, I thought I'd create a page to update all my potential couples with how I'm managing bookings during this uncertain timeI was planning my own wedding for June, and I've just been told we have to postpone until 2021, so I share your frustration during this wedding season apocalypse!


If you have to rearrange your wedding date due to Covid-19, I will do my very best to work with you to accommodate your new plans. I will simply move your deposit to the new date, and we can go from there. If we cannot find a date that I can move your booking to, you have a few options:

  1. I'll commission one of my trusted photographers/videographers to capture your day in my absence. However,  the edit and main storytelling of your day will still, of course, be done by myself. 

  2. If you decide against the above option, you can cancel your booking, but my terms and conditions will apply (see below).

  3. If you reschedule to 2021, I will not charge you 2021 prices and will happily offer you the agreed package at the agreed rate. 

  4. If your new wedding plans include a different venue, I will waive any travel expenses within 2 hours from Bristol.


My policy on cancellations 

In terms of cancellations, my policy is as follows:


Here is the contract for reference -

Will my business go bust?

I hope not! I just wanted to reassure all my couples that my business has no plans to close down. I've seen in Facebook groups a few part-time photographers 'call it a day' and cancel whatever weddings they did have. All my equipment has been paid for and absolute worse case scenario I will go drive for Deliveroo for a few months and then dust off my cameras ready for work. I have some editing jobs and with the new self-employed funding plans I'm certain I will be fine. Even if my business downscales to part-time rest assured I will still be shooting, editing, and taking bookings. Fingers crossed my business will continue to do what it has done for 10+ years now.


Hopefully, this has helped make things a little clearer and put your minds at ease somewhat. I'm here if you have any questions and promise I will do the best I can to help. If you have any questions, please do ask.

I hope you are all safe and your parents/grandparents are too. All fingers, toes and paws crossed this will all be over soon, and we can carry on as usual

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