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Wedding Content Creator

Hi, I'm Heather. I’m a professional wedding guest, aka a content creator! I film luxury BTS content for wedding couples and suppliers. I'm recently married too and love going to weddings!

Content creation might be new to weddings, but I’m not! I have 10+ years experience in the industry as a professional photographer and videographer. Unlike a family friend, I will be present the whole day for prep shots, photo moments, dancing, etc. and not drunk :) and work well alongside your other suppliers.

I shoot the day and details on an iPhone 15 and 14 pro using my film and photography skills to maximise the phones features and create beautifully composed shots.


How To Book

1 ) Contact me to confirm availability for your date.

2 ) Decide a package and complete the booking form below.

3 ) Pay a £150 deposit to secure your date. Balance due 1 month before your wedding.

4 ) Enjoy planning the rest of your wedding! I'll be in touch about 2 weeks prior to your big day.


5 ) Have the best day of your life!

6 ) Enjoy all your photos and videos with friends and family the next day!

Booking Form

Please complete the online booking form below.

The booking fee is £150 - my payment details can be found at the bottom of the form.

Additional information will be required between now and your wedding day; for example, your itinerary if you haven't provided it already.


My preferred payment method is via Online Banking using my Barclays bank details below:

Business Account Name:  Heather Bailey

Business Account Number:  03954870

Sort Code:  20 68 15

IBAN Number: GB90BUKB20681503954870

SwiftBic Number: BUKBGB22

Reference :  (Your initials and your wedding date)

Booking Fee Amount Required : £150

Please note: Due to the recent scams in the industry I no longer accept cheques, Amex or Paypal.

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